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*bww bitwise works GmbH Newsletter August 22, 2014*

Hereby we would like to give you an update on current and possibly future projects and keep you informed about what we do for your sponsoring units!

Right now we work on various projects as you might have read or heard. Some people seem to think that all projects are done by the same people in parallel, which is not the case.
We have a very qualified team of developers working on the various projects, nevertheless our resources are limited and therefore we have to put projects temporarily on hold and resume later, as we never over schedule our resources. Thereby we are very capable of running multiple projects in parallel.
We can assure you we do not announce or promise more than we can manage at a given time!

bww bitwise works GmbH has been in touch for some time with Lewis Rosenthal, who has recently announced the new OS/2-focused company, Arca Noae LLC. He has launched Arca Noae mainly due to a lack of updated offerings for the OS/2 community. We continue to work closely with Arca Noae to map out the schedule for the release of new and updated items. Both companies will also sell each other's products.

As mentioned in Lewis' recent public postings to the community, the Arca Noae team is working on the final bits and pieces in order to get their new website live and open their shop for business.

*Current projects:*
- Firefox 24
We know that a later one is out for a while, but we stick at this version until it's GA for us as this means a new base version from which the newer releases are easier to be build. At the moment it is depending on underlying tooling to be finished first as in: git (versioning application used for github as example), which is 98% done now.
- SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit)
This will also include odin updates. SWT will bring eclipse and current SmartSVN/SmartGit tools.
- Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1
RC3 was announced recently, see also: www.bitwiseworks.com
- Injoy Firewall
Version 4.2.2 is available since some weeks already, see also: www.bitwiseworks.com

*Future projects:*
- update Java to latest OpenJDK, which brings new recent Java applications
- update Qt to Qt5, to have latest webkit working. With this we will get even more Qt applications

Please mail us at info@bitwiseworks.com if you have a need for other projects.

*Track record for this year:*
We also updated a whole bunch of other stuff, as we needed it for some projects we work on. Here is the list we did so far:
- curl
- python
- git
- mmap
- perl
- pthread
- openssl
- expat
- libtool
- autoconf
- automake

All the above ports are available as rpm and the source is at svn.netlabs.org
If you want to support us or a specific project then please check out these links:
You are one of the people making the future possible!

With regards, the bww bitwise works GmbH Team

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