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Major Major 2.0 released

eComStationNews.com - Wed, 20150401 - 05:44 -0600

Major Major, a mailing list manager for OS/2 and eCS, is now free and open-source as of version 2.0. You can obtain it from




or from Hobbes.

To run N mailing lists, you need N+1 e-mail accounts. This software is suitable for people who are able to request enough accounts from their ISP or hosting service, or who run their own mail server. If you have never run a mail server before, check out Weasel on the same web site as Major Major.

Major Major is not suitable for spamming, and punitive action may be taken against anyone found using it to send out spam. It is designed for discussion lists, not for bulk mailing.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org www.pmoylan.org

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netlabs.org newsletter #240

eComStationNews.com - Mon, 20150330 - 04:53 -0600

This is the latest edition of the bi-weekly netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> newsletter. The newsletter can be read on the web at the following URL:
wiki.netlabs.org/index.php <wiki.netlabs.org/index.php/Netlabs_bi_weekly_newsletter>

News from netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/>:
23. March - 29. March
Ticket raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/ecups/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ecups/timeline>
Qt Applications for OS/2
One application updated and a fix
See: trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline>
Samba for eCS (OS/2)
Ticket raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/samba/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/samba/timeline>
Unix Ports and more
A big pile of updates and fixes
See: trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline>
Good progress
See: trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline>
WebDAV Plugin for NetDrive
Wiki updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/ndpdav/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ndpdav/timeline>
16. March - 22. March
Dynamic Windows Library
A few warning fixes
See: trac.netlabs.org/dwindows/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/dwindows/timeline>
Ticket raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/ecups/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ecups/timeline>
Two updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/fat32/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/fat32/timeline>
Two fixes applied
See: trac.netlabs.org/fm2/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/fm2/timeline>
Some fixes and an update
See: trac.netlabs.org/odin32/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/odin32/timeline>
Qt Applications for OS/2
One application got updated
See: trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline>
Ticket raised and some updates done
See: trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline>
SWT Port
Wiki updates, to point to new github project
See: trac.netlabs.org/swt/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/swt/timeline>
Unix Ports and more
A few updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline>
Good progress
See: trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline>

Netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> relies on your support as well. We hire developers to have better progress on projects, for instance. For sure this costs money so any sponsoring is very welcome! You can support netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> via netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> sponsoring units:
www.mensys.net/NETLABS/ <www.mensys.net/NETLABS/>
And now also via bww bitwise Works GmbH <www.bitwiseworks.com/>:
NETLABS <www.bitwiseworks.com/shop/index.php>

Thanks for your support!

We can be reached at: news@netlabs.org <news(at)netlabs.org>
And we are on Twitter now as well! See: twitter.com

netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> team

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Free golf course file for Links for OS/2

eComStationNews.com - Sat, 20150328 - 05:42 -0600

An additional, free CRH golf course file for Links for OS/2:




It's a small, 625 KiB test file, so users of other versions of Links can verify that this course file format and all other additional course files are compatible with their version of Links.


It will work fine with Links/2. Just save the file BOUNTIFU.CRH in your Links/2 directory, start a new game and select the course Bountiful Golf Club.

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[Arca Noae] Arca Noae: a new name, but with familiar faces

eComStationNews.com - Thu, 20150326 - 16:35 -0600

Arca Noae has posted a new item, 'Arca Noae: a new name, but with familiar

Arca Noae has been active for about half a year; our online store opened
mid-November, and our popular drivers and software subscription has seen several
updates. We've made numerous news postings, as well as personal appearances at
Warpstock. We've even added a FAQ page and a roadmap to our site. Still, some
people seem to [...]

You may view the latest post at

You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
Best regards,
Arca Noae

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