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Apache OpenOffice for eCS (OS/2)

eComStationNews.com - Tue, 20150210 - 02:10 -0600

Apache OpenOffice for eCS (OS/2) GA

St. Veit an der Glan, Austria, February 10, 2015 — 1 month after our
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA, we are now proud to present the 2nd GA
version of 4.1.1.
This GA is rebuilt with our latest compiler. With this compiler we
were able to reduce the memory footprint significantly. This should
bring more stability on some systems.

The GA version includes english, german, italian, french, spanish,
dutch and russian language pack. And of course this version comes
nicely packed in a wpi.

Apache OpenOffice is the free and open productivity suite, consisting
of several mighty applications, such as Calc, Writer, Base, Impress
and several more. Apache OpenOffice is compatible to the leading
commercial productivity suite.

Download Apache OpenOffice GA from:
The password to download the file is: bww

You need only one complete wpi for your preferred language.
If you want to install an additional language you need only the
language wpi for the new language.

For additional installation information, please read the
readme_aoo.txt file. The file can also be found in the
directory from the download link.

To fill a bug please use:https://issues.apache.org/ooo/
If you create a ticket, please also set your ticket to block ticket 118923.

If you like Apache OpenOffice, please pass by our online shop at
www.bitwiseworks.com/shop and donate for Apache OpenOffice for
eCS(OS/2). These donations support the ongoing development and
bugfixing efforts.

With regards, the bww bitwise works GmbH Team

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[Arca Noae] Current happenings

eComStationNews.com - Fri, 20150206 - 19:30 -0600

Arca Noae has posted a new item, 'Current happenings'

While our blog posts have been infrequent, our developers, beta testing, and
translation teams have been quite busy the past few weeks. Here are some
highlights of what's been going on behind the scenes at Area Noae:

USB: Work is continuing on various USB problems, including the "hub-attached
devices" issue.
Graphical update utility (YUMIE): We have been [...]

You may view the latest post at

You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
Best regards,
Arca Noae

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FtpServer version 2.2

eComStationNews.com - Fri, 20150206 - 04:21 -0600

The latest version of FtpServer (which is of course an FTP server) can
be downloaded from


If desired, source code can also be obtained from the same directory.

The latest changes are improvements to the utilities LoadPRM and
StorePRM, used to back up user permissions:
- support the option of multiple INI files;
- better wildcard support;
- PRM files may be in different directory;
- option to use TNI instead of INI files.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org

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