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[Arca Noae] Current happenings

eComStationNews.com - Fri, 20150206 - 19:30 -0600

Arca Noae has posted a new item, 'Current happenings'

While our blog posts have been infrequent, our developers, beta testing, and
translation teams have been quite busy the past few weeks. Here are some
highlights of what's been going on behind the scenes at Area Noae:

USB: Work is continuing on various USB problems, including the "hub-attached
devices" issue.
Graphical update utility (YUMIE): We have been [...]

You may view the latest post at

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Best regards,
Arca Noae

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FtpServer version 2.2

eComStationNews.com - Fri, 20150206 - 04:21 -0600

The latest version of FtpServer (which is of course an FTP server) can
be downloaded from


If desired, source code can also be obtained from the same directory.

The latest changes are improvements to the utilities LoadPRM and
StorePRM, used to back up user permissions:
- support the option of multiple INI files;
- better wildcard support;
- PRM files may be in different directory;
- option to use TNI instead of INI files.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org

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netlabs.org newsletter #236

eComStationNews.com - Mon, 20150202 - 07:05 -0600

This is the latest edition of the bi-weekly netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> newsletter. The newsletter can be read on the web at the following URL:
wiki.netlabs.org/index.php <wiki.netlabs.org/index.php/Netlabs_bi_weekly_newsletter>

News from netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/>:
26. January - 1. February
Lot of updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/kbuild/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/kbuild/timeline>
Three new tickets raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/libc/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/libc/timeline>
One ticket solved
See: trac.netlabs.org/odin32/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/odin32/timeline>
Qt Applications for OS/2
Three applications updated
See: trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/qtapps/timeline>
Qt Version 4 for OS/2
One ticket opened about icon corruption
See: trac.netlabs.org/qt4/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/qt4/timeline>
Mix of updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline>
Unix Ports and more
Nice updates, a ticket raised and resolved already
See: trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline>
Various updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline>
19. January - 25. January
Java port for eCS (OS/2)
One ticket closed and a new one raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/java/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/java/timeline>
Nice load of updates
See: trac.netlabs.org/kbuild/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/kbuild/timeline>
Reminder update
See: trac.netlabs.org/libc/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/libc/timeline>
Great progress with updates, fixes and new tickets
See: trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/rpm/timeline>
Unix Ports and more
Lots of updates and fixes
See: trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/ports/timeline>
USBMSD updates and fixes
See: trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/usb/timeline>
VX Applications
Number of updates and additions
See: trac.netlabs.org/vxapps/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/vxapps/timeline>
Ticket raised
See: trac.netlabs.org/xwlan/timeline <trac.netlabs.org/xwlan/timeline>

Netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> relies on your support as well. We hire developers to have better progress on projects, for instance. For sure this costs money so any sponsoring is very welcome! You can support netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> via netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> sponsoring units:
www.mensys.net/NETLABS/ <www.mensys.net/NETLABS/>
And now also via bww bitwise Works GmbH <www.bitwiseworks.com/>:
NETLABS <www.bitwiseworks.com/shop/index.php>

Thanks for your support!

We can be reached at: news@netlabs.org <news(at)netlabs.org>
And we are on Twitter now as well! See: twitter.com

netlabs.org <www.netlabs.org/> team

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DFSee 12.3 released; Performance improvements

eComStationNews.com - Sun, 20150201 - 08:21 -0600

DFSee version 12.3 has been released, with performance improvements and fixes.

It is a MINOR release, with several small fixes and enhancements, but
most of all, a HUGE performance improvement for file recovery.

Searching for normal/deleted files has been sped up by a factor of 100
or more for most filesystems, by restricting the search to areas known
to contain directory information (including Inodes, Fnodes, MFT-records)
Instead of searching for several hours on a large volume, it will find
all the files in existing directories within a few minutes.

Using the '-d-' option or 'Search Outside Dir/Fnode/Inode/MFT area too'
checkbox will revert to the older much slower search method, but will find
ANY file, even if it is not inside the currently present directory areas.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
filesystem and disk analysis, some file recovery and UNDELETE
and smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:



Or from the HOBBES website:
or (after processing):

Functional changes since 12.2

- CR: avoid rounding UP by 1 MiB for 1st primary or a logical (64/32 geometry)
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: Speed up SPACE search with Rsn2Lsn translation cache
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on EXFAT: '-d-' option: outside DIR space too
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on EXFAT: Automatic SLT build for fullpath lookup
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on FAT/HPFS, on-demand create FIND space (not on open)
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on FAT12/16/32 '-d-' option: outside DIR space too
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on FAT12/16/32: Automatic SLT build for fullpath lookup
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on HPFS: '-d-' option: outside FNODE space too (slower!)
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on JFS (QFI): Automatic SLT build for fullpath lookup
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on JFS: Integrated QFI (Quick Find Inodes) for consistency
- DELFIND/FILEFIND: on NTFS: '-d-' option: outside MFT space too (slower!)
- DFSDISK (bsfind) recognise JFS superblocks on 64/32 (1 MiB) geometries
- EXFAT: Implement directory iteration to allow faster (SPACE) searching
- FIND: allow search restricted space (ALLDIRS) only, for faster filesearch
- FINDSPACE command to display filefind/delfind SPACE areas, when known
- FS: Init Filesystem, ignore empty 'FSINIT' cmd after EXPORT/IMPORT list
- ISO: Fix deliverable ZIP files to include the 'dfsi*' executables again
- LVM Dialog: Fixed <F1> help to show the context sensitive LVM dialog help
- MENU: FileFind/DelFind dialog enhanced with checkbox 'outside DIR space'
- MENU: FileFind/DelFind dialog enhanced with persistent search argument
- UI: Allow up to five checkboxes on value-prompt and DIR-selection dialogs

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home: www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - info@dfsee.com

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