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FtpServer version 2.3 released

eComStationNews.com - Fri, 20150619 - 03:18 -0600

The latest version of FtpServer, an FTP daemon, can be obtained from
or from Hobbes.

This version implements the HOST command for optional multidomain support.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org
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Iron Spring PL/I 0.9.8 released

eComStationNews.com - Thu, 20150618 - 18:01 -0600

15 Jun, 2015
Iron Spring Software is happy to announce beta version
0.9.8 of the Iron Spring PL/I compiler.

This version adds support for an input/output data list containing a type-3 DO, as in:
put skip data( ((a(i,j) do j=1 to 5) do i=1 to 2) );
It adds the builtins PRECISION, ATAN, and ATAND, and fixes some problems with with handling OVERFLOW.


-- Pete

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BayWarp meeting Tuesday, June 23

eComStationNews.com - Wed, 20150617 - 09:06 -0600

BayWarp meeting announcement

Date: Tuesday, June 23
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Place: Panera Bread
501 E Hamilton Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

Panera Bread has plenty of room, it's quiet and they have WiFi. There is a
light rail station near the meeting location.

Meeting topics:
using the QSINIT loader with eCS
eCS and OS/2 tips and tricks
OS/2 Q and A for any user questions.

Come join us in our monthly meeting. We are OS/2 and eComStation users, and we
meet every month to discuss ideas about our favorite operating system.

Meeting announcements and more are available on the BayWarp website.
-- Neil Waldhauer neil@blondeguy.com www.blondeguy.com
Expert consulting for OS/2 Warp and eComStation

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