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File Manager/2 3.22.0 released

Sun, 20140406 - 13:10 -0600

FM/2 3.22.0 has been released. The file name is

It has been uploaded to Netlabs and to Hobbes.

Initially uploaded to:
Eventual location:

Search for it at:
Initially uploaded to:
Eventual location:

3.22.0 Changes:
* Compare directories enhancements:
Fix snapshot file to actually load and save (with/without subdirectories) properly.
Toggle of include subdirectories leaves snapshot file loaded. Added an indicator
(textbox) that a list (snapshot) file is loaded.Ticket 490 (Gregg)
Added optional confirmation dialogs for delete move and copy Ticket 277 (Gregg)
Added EA compare option Ticket 80 (Gregg)
Fixed some minor interspace/display issues (Steven, Gregg)
* Fixed the readonly warning on delete code and enhanced the dialog it now has focus on
opening, accel keys, defaults to no and Esc key cancels operation. Rework readonly
code so it works with move to trashcan enabled Ticket 506 (Gregg)
Suppress readonly warning for delete of temporary files. Ticket 497 (Gregg)
* Changes to get 7z archives to work with AV2. Includes an ugly hack to compensate for
the fact that the compressed size is missing from some files in some archives.
This results in the filename being put in the nsize variable which then must be passed
to fname. Fortunately it displays compressed size as 0 since it can't deal with the non
numeric text string. A file name that is all numeric will show odd results.
Ticket 492 (Gregg)
* Changes to fix .tar.gz list because of changes in tar 1.20 (maybe earlier). Ticket 493
* Added lzip support Ticket 494 (Gregg)
* Fix failure to create directory from archive file name when the name had a space.
Ticket 495 (Gregg)
* Added instruction for creating a new archiver definition in Archiver.bb2 using an
archive of the new type as a template to the help file. Ticket 21 (Gregg)
* Improved user interface responsiveness during long seek and scan operations (Gregg)
* Fixed trap that occurred when trying to run commands from the command list drop down
Ticket 509 (Gregg)
* Support git, svn, hg etc. version control metadata directory excludes in seek and scan
Ticket 404 (Steven)
* Fix trap on opening a file without an extension Ticket 496 (Gregg)
* Fix separate parameters. Moved to general page renamed separate settings for apps.
Ticket 497 (Gregg)
* Add "#" command line switch to workaround problem with blank command shell started
from fm2 after fm2 has been started with stdout and stderr redirected to a file.
Ticket 508 (Gregg)
* Fixed move to trashcan so it works when the trashcan::drives key hadn't been written
to OS2.INI Ticket 507 (Gregg)
* Installer fixes: Fixed the FM2 with logging object. Ticket 511 (Gregg)
Fixed install of file shadows in FM2 folder and subfolders Ticket 501 (John)
Fixed FM2 utilities install by FM2 warpin. (Gregg)
Fixed the suggest dialog which suggests parameters for newly installed objects.
Ticket 527 (Gregg)
* Fixed trap caused by cleanup of temp files left after a crash. Ticket 515 (John)
* Stopped file extensions in directory containers from changing to upper case following
a double click. Ticket 513 (Gregg)
* Stop loading FM2 in high memory to prevent odd traps. Ticket 500 (John)
* Fixed trap when attempting to print a file from an archive container Ticket 525 (Gregg)
* Disabled menu choices in archive container that aren't options for the selected
archiver. Ticket 100 (Gregg)
* Enhanced initial drive scan speed Ticket 528 (Gregg)
* Suppressed error message drive A: not ready on initial scan Ticket 529 (Gregg)
* Added information about drag and drop on program objects to the help file Ticket 530

FM/2 Development Team



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