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New OS/2 Company - Wed, 20140521 - 03:07 -0600

My name is Lewis Rosenthal. Some of you may already be familiar with me as the maintainer of several OS/2 and eCS mailing lists, the web host for VOICE, and as the treasurer of Warpstock Corporation, the advocacy organization which holds the annual OS/2 and eCS conference in North America.

Our community has been relatively quiet over the past year or so, in terms
of new OS/2 products and eCS releases. Late last year, I began to think
about the future of OS/2 as a platform, knowing that in the background, a
considerable amount of work was being done to maintain, update, and support
eCS, with little made available to the audience.

I began actively seeking investors for a new company with a new vision for
OS/2. To my delight, I have been able to assemble a group of such
like-minded people, and as I write this, we are forming this new company.
Part of the philosophy of the new entity will be to maintain strong ties to
the user community through the remaining organizations we have, and to
cultivate long term relationships with cooperative developers and vendors to
provide what we think is a more unified and organized face for our platform
of choice. Call this "branding and packaging" if you will.

While the products offered by the new company as packaged will be fee-based,
as far as we are able, code will be GPL (or GPL-compatible).

In the coming weeks, look for further announcements, a new website, public
forums and mailing lists, and soon after, a working web shop.

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See: relies on your support as well. We hire developers to have better progress on projects, for instance. For sure this costs money so any sponsoring is very welcome! You can support via sponsoring units:

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Greetings, team

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